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  • professional movers
  • a clean box truck
  • dollies & hand trucks
  • shrink wrap
  • tape
  • straps
  • arrival & departure time
  • breakdown & setup
  • ​realeased value insurance


All moves are subject to a two hour minimum charge, and an hourly rate thereafter. The clock starts upon arrival and remains on for the loading, driving to next location, and unloading. We pro-rate by the half hour (example: two hours and five minutes becomes two and a half hours) If a lunch break is taken, it must be documented on this contract, and the time will be deducted from the total hours unless the customer should choose to pay for this time as a gratuity. Any quotes or estimates that may have been received are simply estimates, and not a guarantee that charges will not exceed the specified amount. No discounts will be given if a second trip is required. Every move is different, therefore any prior moving experience is irrelevant in relation to amount of hours worked. We work rain or shine, and we will not be liable for any delays or damages due to bad weather.

A $100 deposit is taken via credit/debit card upon reservation. 
That deposit is nonrefundable should the customer cancel the job at any time.  There is no grace period.  However, the customer may reschedule to any other available date or time provided that we receive at least a 24 hour notice before the date of scheduled move, giving us adequate opportunity to fill the vacancy.  If the customer reschedules with less than a 24 hour notice, the $100 deposit is held as the cancellation fee. Otherwise, the $100 deposit will be deducted from the total bill on the day of the move.  All payments should be made by VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, or AMEX.  Absolutely no checks. The company reserves the right to stop the job at any time for any reason, and may require payment in full before completion of the job. ( i.e. unsanitary working conditions that may be hazardous to ones health, conflict between one or more tenants, or any other reason that may prevent the movers from completely their job safely.)

The customer or other competent party over of the age of 21 acting on behalf of the customer must be present during the entire move. The customer must have all personal items fully packed in boxes, totes, or bags before the arrival of the company. All furniture drawers and cabinets must be empty. All appliances must be disconnected and ready for transportation. All extremely fragile items and valuables must be relocated before the arrival of the company. All firearms must be removed from the home. The customer must purchase floor protection in advance if there are concerns regarding the integrity of the floors. The customer must notify the company immediately of any problems concerning the quality of the work so that they company may be afforded the opportunity to correct any problems as they occur. Customer must fully read and agree to these terms. Customer must physically inspect the box and cab of the truck at completion of the job. Failure to complete any of these customer responsibilities may forfeit any future consideration in a claim.

We are responsible for our own negligence, but assume no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by an act of God, and act of public enemy, and any or all other causes beyond our control. Our responsibility is further limited to standard Virginia state required Released Value Insurance of 60 cents per pound, no more than $50 per article, with a $250 deductible. We offer no additional insurance to be purchased, but the customer may purchase moving insurance through any other third party of their own choice. In the case of truck break down, accident, traffic, or anything else beyond our control we hold no responsibility for loss of wages, fines, hotel rental, car rental, or any other expense related to a delay in date or time of move. The company will not be liable for live animals, eggs, fish, plants, flowers, or other property of perishable nature. We are not responsible for electrical or mechanical function of radios, clocks, treadmills, televisions, computers, appliances, or any other electronic device. All items including but not limited to glass, mirror, marble, and paintings must be properly packed and/or created by the customer and we hold no responsibility for any damage. The company is not responsible for damage to antiques or any furniture of compromised integrity. The company is not responsible for damaged items being removed from a storage, truck, or container that were not previously loaded by our company. The company is not responsible for any damage to oversized items while moving through restricted areas. The movers will be working as carefully and cautiously as possible, however; we assume no responsibility for any damage to the floors, walls, banisters, ceilings, doors, or hallways. Local moves are not inventoried, and we hold no responsibility for any missing items.

Payment for moving service must be made in full before the company will consider settlement of any claim. All claims must be submitted in writing to info@localvamovers.com within 30 days from the date of service, and be accompanied by photos or other supporting documentation. Any claim received after 30 days will not be accepted.

The customer agrees to submit to Fairfax County jurisdiction and laws in the case of any civil claims. The customer will indemnify, defend, and hold company harmless from and against any and all losses, liabilities, demands, claims, suits, actions, or judgments, all costs and expenses including attorney fees, based upon or arising from the customer’s failure to carry out any obligation under this agreement. Customers agrees to mediation in the event of a dispute.




  • pack personal items in adv.
  • move valuables in advance
  • be as organized and ready as possible

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